Our Consultancy Job

We are not only developers or implementers but we focus on advising organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving your business objectives. We can be one of your team for:

Solutions Analysis

Project Scoping and Planning

Business Process and System Design

Project management support

Our Key Process

Work with user representatives and IT stakeholders to gather, define, analyze, and document user and business requirements, considering alternative solutions and methods of resolving business issues. Analyze implications of business and systems requirements, including identification of any potential issues or functional omissions.

Planning and implementing new strategy, designing and monitoring performance measures, and designing and implementing a new business model and business planning to support the new strategy.

1. Challenges and addresses ‘silo attitudes’ to encourage effective relationship building inside and outside

2. Understands the complexities of political dynamics and uses this to manage relationships and resolve conflict effectively

3. Identifies clear win-win situations

4. Makes difficult decisions for the long term benefit of the organisation

5. Ensures the organisation balances effective risk management with the need for timely actions

6. Able to deal with a wide-range of individuals and cultures

7. Capable of multi-tasking on a wide-range of topics

8. Innovative

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