Why ECM?

ECM- and DMS-Systems are important elements of corporate infrastructure as they ensure the optimization of the cross-department cooperation and the long-term safe storage of documents. On the one hand, the systems have to comply with the organizational and legal requirements. On the other hand, they should smoothly integrate in the companies’ own information technology, which includes the use of the existing services, for instance, for user authentication, for e-mail exchange or index data validation. After all, replacement and migration have to be already considered during the implementation, as electronic documents might live very much longer than the IT holding it. Comprehensive concepts including all of the above mentioned aspects ensure the long-term operational effectiveness and efficiency and enable an easy replacement by up-to-date systems

Gartner ECM 2015

ECM Products and Technology

As most of the products in the market can cover your requirements, the imporatnt approcahe before decide which technology or product to implement in your organization is to understand the ECM concepts, define needs, select the elements and plan your impelemntation structre.

ECMLINE Experience

Most Enterprise Content Experts in Middle East, we are driving the ECM strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content (Information) and documents related to your organizational processes. We put our experience in wide variety fields (Government, Oil and Gas, Banking ....) to serve your business

ECM LINE FZE focus on OpenText ECM Suite Server as the core technology and ECM concepts provided to our clients. OpenText ECM Suite offers a wide Range of business services which cover different areas of your needs:

1. Document Management

2. Records Management

3. Rights Management

4. Enterprise Archiving

5. Workflows and Forms Management

6. Capture and Imaging

7. Business Process Management

Our team has a deep experience in OpenText ECM Suite and they will cover full project requirements from business consultancy, implementation and support, OpenText ECM Suite customization and development.

We provide best consulting services. Meet our Experts to serve your business!