With the CaptureBites™ OpenText Content Server Export connector, it is possible to scan batches of documents, automatically index them with bar codes or OCR and export the documents as TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or super compressed & searchable PDF into OpenText Content Server

Run Actionable Structured Meetings

MEETIMIZE allows organisations to centralise all details related to the meeting. Efficiently planning, documenting, auditing, collecting and analysing the information being discussed or used during the meeting, enables the relevant business users to effectively track the progress of each assigned action during the meeting and therefore evaluate the accurate meeting progress.

Auditable Documentation

MEETIMIZE enables organisations to create a repository of different stakeholders, teams and committees enabling the relevant business users to not only capture, store and track the progress of the actions agreed on during the meeting but also schedule different series of meetings, set meeting’s agenda, share and invite members.

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